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We offer a warranty on most component parts for 18 months from the time of dispatch of the goods from our warehouse. 

The warranty covers only manufacturing defects and non-compliance with specifications. The warranty does not apply to mechanical damages and the consequences of using the component parts in off-design conditions.

Each component part of the electric set is designed and developed for certain parameters, such as velocity, torque, voltage, current intensity, etc. Keep this in mind during the operation.

If the component parts are used for purposes other than intended, the warranty shall not cover them.

We do not exclude the possibility of technical imperfection of our products, so each warranty case will be indispensably considered. 

Your operating experience helps us to improve products. 

If you have any technical questions, we recommend you not to experiment but contact us, and we are always ready to provide you with comprehensive technical information and support. 

We also have experience of working with client-side warranty cases. We know that sending defective goods back to the manufacturer or supplier is financially disadvantageous and may take a lot of time. 

In addition, it is often difficult to prove to a Chinese engineer his guilt, as a result Chinese suppliers often leave you alone with your problems. 

We practice on-line consideration of warranty cases using Skype, Youtube, Viber and other services. This allows us to remove mistakes quickly and frees you from the accumulation of losses because of the defective goods. 

We know very well how much money can be saved due to good after-sales service to the client and the dealer. 

We appreciate your feedback and always take it into account in the process of design and production to minimize the number of warranty cases.