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Shipping and payment

Samples can be paid by a SWIFT payment, PayPal or in any other way convenient for you. When you select the delivery method of samples, we recommend you to give preference to quick international express services such as DHL, TNT, EMS, etc. Such a delivery is a bit more expensive than maritime transport or cheap express services (services like ChinaPost-Airmail, SAl, Surface), but experience has shown that when the details of samples are approved, time costs more. 

For our part, we can find the best method for you. We never capitalize on increasing the delivery price.
Please note that not all express services accept parcels with lithium batteries, since it is hazardous cargo. 
Hazardous Cargo is accepted only by TNT, Fedex and USPS. We are not responsible for customs clearance in the country of receipt, so make sure that the cost of the parcel does not exceed the allowable limit and the cargo may be received without limitations.

Otherwise, it may increase the cost of delivery at the time of receiving the parcel. Time of dispatch of the samples upon the receipt of payment depends on your requirements for completing units and component parts. If the completing units and goods are standard for our product range, they are normally available and dispatched within several days. If you have special requirements, the production of new models may require a period of more than a week. 

Please note that courier services can communicate a tracking number only a few days after the dispatch. In addition, there are a number of national holidays in China that last for a week or more, which may also cause a dispatch delay. 

In the pre-New Year period, the workload of courier services is the heaviest, as thousands of gifts are ordered from China throughout the world. 

Shipping and payment of commercial batch of goods is agreed with the customer in each particular case. If you have a forwarder, we will contact them to arrange logistics. 

We can also offer the services of our forwarder. When you select the method of delivery to your country, keep in mind that air delivery is always faster but more expensive and estimated by the weight of the goods. 

Delivery by maritime transport is always cheaper, but it takes significantly more time and is estimated, as a rule, by the volume of the goods. The price of the goods does not include shipping across China. 

We dospatch goods under the terms of EXW Changzhou, FOB Shanghai, Hongkong, Ningbo, Shenzhen, etc.

Export documents can be executed either on our part or on the part of the client’s forwarder.
Customs clearance in the country of receipt is carried out by and at the cost of the client.