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Rear hub-motor Mini R100 36V 350W

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Light, almost invisible geared mini hub motor Evel Mini R100 for installation on the rear axle of the bike.

motor type inrunner, geared brushless
case material aluminum alloy
number of spokes 36
required width of mounting seat on the frame 135-145mm
nominal voltage rating 36V
maximum permissible current with 36V 17А
peak power with a standard controller 650W
full speed rpm at no load (no load operation) with 36V battery 315 rpm (corresponds to the speed 39.4 km/h in a 26-inch wheel)
full speed rpm on load with 36V battery 255 rpm (corresponds to the speed 32 km/h in a 26-inch wheel)
weight 2kg
maximum load 110kg

Product description

Mini rear driving hub-motor Evel Mini R100 36V 350W is intended for installation on the rear axle of the bike. 35 mm threaded freewheel 

mounting (a cassette with a ratchet, any number of sprockets from 1 to 9 can be installed) and six-bolt mounting of a standard brake 

disk (compatible with Shimano, Avid, Tektro, Hygia, Hayes, Hope, Formula, etc.) are provided. The maximum length of the brake disc mounting bolts 

is 9mm! If the disc brake is not used holes must be indispensably capped with M5 bolts 5 -7mm long.

The following items are also needed to install the motor-wheel:

• Controller kit 36V 15А

• 36V battery with a charger

• spokes and rim

Light, almost invisible geared mini motor wheel Evel Mini R100 for installation on the rear axle of the bike. Weighing just 

2kg this little youngling is ready to compete with its five-kilogram counterparts in the torque and maximum speed. Having a standard 

controller 36V15A, the mini motor will give 630W peak power! And do not confuse it with three-kilogram geared motors, their time 

has passed. Now the devotees of minimalism have an opportunity to create a superlight electric bike the engine of which can be 

distinguished not only by a specialist. The installation option of the mini motor wheel will be suitable for true connoisseurs of pedal 

drive for several reasons.

First, the 36V 350W mini motor is only 1.5 kg heavier than the usual bicycle hub and provides the same easy rolling as a high quality 

bicycle hub. If you also install light rim and tire, your wheel will weigh no more than 3kg (for comparison - a standard ready-assembled 

rear 500W motor-wheel weighs an average of 7.5 kg and a rear wheel of an inexpensive mountain bike weighs 2.5-3kg without a 


Second, mini motor wheels not require thick and heavy reinforced spokes, because the weight of the unsprung mass is practically the 

same as that of a regular bike. You can use light durable eyelet rims, since there is no need to drill out holes for nipples. Spokes 2-2.3 

mm thick are sufficient. Minimal unsprung mass is the best performance of the shock absorbers of your bike. 

Third, the lighter the wheel, the easier it is to spin it up (for the same acceleration dynamics lightweight wheels require much less 

consumption of energy, whether it be the battery power or the power of your muscles). This means that the distance from one socket 

to another socket will grow, and the absence of resistance and excess weight will allow as easy pedaling as on a regular bike. 

Minimum weight of the rear wheel will extend the lifetime of the gearing system (chain, sprockets).

Fourth, the lighter the wheel, the easier it is to stop it, moreover mounting under the disc brake is provided on the mini motor wheel. 

Fifth, not strong current of the electrical system with the mini motor allows using miniature sealed connectors for power cable 

conductors. For the purpose of tire fitting you can disconnect the motor cable in one motion 

And, of course, the aesthetics! It is simply unobservable. 

We recommend installing the motor wheel of Evel Mini series with Evel Mini controller. This will allow exploiting it as correctly and 

carefully as practical with a system of pedals assistance and current limit of 15A.

Note, the lightness and noiselessness of the gearbox are achieved with the use of gear wheels made of high temperature nylon. 

Therefore, in order to extend the lifetime of the motor it is recommended to start by using pedals, avoid sudden starts and long-term 

maximum loads, especially on bikes with big wheels (28-29 inches). 

If you plan to carry cargos or ride the bike without using pedals, we recommended you to consider more powerful gearless rear 



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