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Rear hub-motor GT1000 48-72V 1000W

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Powerful gearless brushless motor wheel 48-72V 1000W for installation on the rear axle of the bike.

motor type BLDC gearless brushless
case material aluminum covers, steel flanges
number of spokes 36
required width of mounting seat on the frame 135-145mm
nominal voltage rating 48-72V
weight 6.5kg
maximum load 150kg

Product description

Product Description

Gearless brushless rear hub-motor Evel GT1000 is a new generation of the time-tested 1000W direct drive motor wheel.

We designed an improved version and now it is for sale.

Form factor of the so-called motor 205 has existed on the market for quite a long time.

Those are engines 205mm in diameter motors (with 245mm spoke flanges). They may vary in declared capacity from 350W to 1000W.

Cases are the same, but in honorable kilowatt motors magnets and coils occupy all the space allocated to them.

Naturally, many experienced e-bikers came to the conclusion that when mounting on the bike 6kg extra weight in the wheel, it is better to take a more powerful one.

Motors of this type are practically impossible to kill, however time still revealed vulnerable points and we worked on them:


1. When the bike was falling down wires coming out of the axle of the motor wheel could be broken, as a result, the motor stopped driving and Hall-effect sensors could be damaged with their subsequent replacement. Also the wire coming out on the side of the axle caused inconvenience – removing nuts or installing a cassette of sprockets required disassembling the connector of Hall-effect sensors.

 In GT1000 cable is laid on the inner side of the fork, therefore it is impossible to break it and there is no need to unpack the connectors. The solid axle also provides a greater margin of safety.

2. The installation of the brake disk required an off-standard adapter from 35mm thread to the 6 bolts standard. In motors where no adapter is required the mounting seat offset is often less than the width of the brake caliper. In GT1000 there is already mounting seat for the brake disc of 6 M5 bolts (center distance is 44mm ) with the offset of 18mm.

3. Standard cross section of the phase conductor in all motor wheels up to 1500W is 1.5 sq. mm, and this is critically insufficient even exceeding 48V800W.

Realizing this, experienced e-bikers resoldered phase wires into thicker ones, otherwise part of the energy was simply wasted on heating the wires.

 In GT1000 phase conductors have a cross section of 2.5 sq. mm, which is enough to force the motor wheels to peak short-time capacity of 3000W (72V40A) without any changes in the engine.

4. Installation of a standard freewheel with 7 sprockets Shimano required placing additional washers and then spoking with a dish.

 In GT1000 axle diameter at the offset has been increased by 39mm, respectively, the bearings are bigger and stronger.

The inner part of wheel covers was ribbed to increase stiffness around the bearing cage and improve heat dissipation.

Apart from that, there are all the same proven Neodymium magnets 30mm in width and coils providing 52km/h at a voltage of 48 volts.

As before, we offer a powerful motor for electric bikes only to be installed on the rear-wheel drive.

The motor wheel Evel GT 1000 is an excellent choice for those wishing to create the electric bike that does not require pedaling.

We recommend completing it with the programmable controller Infineon 12F4110. This allows you to get a wide range of settings, from an economical riding with regenerative braking and cruise control to a stunning drive with 120 % speed mode using any batteries from 48 to 72 volts. To avoid rotation of the axle in the bike frame at increased load and regenerative braking the installation of dropouts amplifier is recommended.


Note that the use of low-power gearless heavy motor wheels (350, 500, 600, 700 W) provides no energy saving, but only restricts the upper limit of your capabilities. The efficiency of direct-drive motor wheels (direct drive means the same as gearless) is practically equal. However, when being forced (if you want to increase speed or traction), the efficiency reduces significantly compared with more powerful motor wheels due to the heating-up. This means that at a speed of 30km/h the consumption of 500 and 1000W motor wheels will be practically the same, but at a speed of 45km/h the 1000W motor wheel will be more energy-efficient and high-torque.


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