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Electric Bicycle Enduro Stayer

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Product description

Electric bicycle Enduro Stayer is a long-distance runner.  

This is an electric bicycle, which will easily take you from the point A to the point B regardless of the presence of roads, time of day and weather. The average power reserve of the battery Boston Swing 48V31,8Ah is up to 120 km. For most people, it is the distance exceeding which it is already uncomfortable to stay in the saddle of a bicycle. And while you relax – charge it using an ordinary 110V or 220V socket, and it is once again ready to take you anywhere, without the cost of fuel, oil, plugs, filter. Enjoy the sounds and aromas of nature during the trip without the noise of combustion engine and smell of exhaust fumes. You can keep your private vehicle directly at home, as there will be no oil dripping or gasoline evaporation, because it uses no oil or gasoline at all!

Pedal when you want it, and if not - just push the throttle and listen to the noise of opposing wind. Pedals play a secondary role - to save electric power at the start, on heavy grades, as well as for emergency ride home - to reach the socket.

The concept of electric bicycle is simplicity and reliability. In order to achieve this goal we used the strongest in the world bicycle rims Sunringle MTX39, tires with a width of 3 inches, brushless engine and Samsung battery. That is the case when one can say - nothing can break down here.



Maximum motor power: 2.5 kW (3.4 HP)

Maximum speed: 50km/h

Average mileage on a single charge: 120km

Battery life: more than 3 years

Full charge time: 5.5 hours (using an ordinary 110 or 220 V outlet)

Weight: 45kg

Color: Black or White



Gearless hub-motor, rated power: 1500W

Battery: Boston 48V31,8Ah

Controller: 48v40А

On-board computer: LCD 


Frame: Electric Enduro Bike

Fork: Zoom 650DH 130mm travel

Shock absorber: DNM MM22LAR 220mm 950lbs

Wheels:  24*3 inch

Brakes: Mechanical disc 203mm + regen brake 


Handle bar: Electric Enduro Riser Bar 700 mm

Seatpost: Electric Enduro forged

Transmission: Shimano 7sp 

Chain wheel: Narrow Wide (special tooth contour eliminates chain falling)

Brake and shifter hoses: Jagwire

Pedals: CNC anodised with sealed bearings

The saddle can be both of bicycle and motorcycle type.


Wheel base: 1270 mm

Overall length: 1930 mm

Handle bar height: 1050 mm

Handle bar width: 720 mm

Saddle height in its lowest position: 800 mm



Please note: the price does not include shipping cost, customs duties or local taxes.

Recommended retail price $3000

Dealer price - please send us inquiry with information about your company and estimated quantity.




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  1. Juergen M 12 november 2018, 14:31 # 0
    Wow, that's the bike I need to go for.

    Is it possible to deliver it to Spain for a reasonable price by DHL?

    Is there a problem with customs?

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