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Controller Kit Evel Mini S 36V 15А WP LCD

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The controller kit includes all the necessary wires and sensors, operating and control elements and the controller itself.  

operating voltage 36V
maximum current 15A
transistor 6pcs
condensers 53V
maximum power 600W

Product description

Product Description

  • 1.     We developed the display controller for the electric bike Evel Mini S 36v15A350w especially for those who appreciate design ergonomics and intuitive ease of devices.

    2.     The easiest installation, usability, water resistance and reliability, stylish design and light weight, maximum flexibility - all of these criteria were the basis for the design.

    The controller kit Evel Mini S in conjunction with the motor wheel Evel Mini allows creating with minimal effort on the basis of your bicycle an electric bike, superior in many characteristics to branded plant electric bikes.

    Also, like the computer, the electric bike was something cumbersome, complex and far-off a few years ago, but now everything is becoming easier and more understandable.

    Now the electric bike can look attractive, and in order to understand how much battery charge has left you do not have to be familiar with electrical engineering and know the difference between watt-hours and volts or amperes. The display shows the energy store in percent and kilometers “to the socket”, speed, load scale and kilometers travelled.

    The operation principle is simple. A control panel with backlight is installed on the handlebar for power-up and five-speed adjustment of power degree to be generated by the motor to assist the pedals. We additionally install the throttle which allows controlling the speed throughout the range, regardless of the selected power mode of the pedal assistant. If you turn on the zero power level, the motor will not switch on with the rotation of pedals but will be controlled by the throttle. This means that you can move without spinning the pedals, simply by adjusting the throttle as on a moped. Brake levers included in the set are equipped with power cut-off switches, so that you cannot throttle and brake at the same time. If you are an experienced biker, you can leave the old brake levers of the bike and while braking just lift off the throttle and not spin the pedals. The advantage of this controller is that the intelligent system of assistance instantly reacts to the movement of the pedals and smoothly sets the motor in motion, dosing the power according to the selected level on the display. The rotation rate of pedals is proportional to motor speed. At the same time old systems of assistance simply switched on the motor at full power in a second after the start of pedaling and shut down the motor within 1-2 seconds after the cessation of pedaling, and adjustment levels limited only the maximum speed, but not the power of assistance. LCD display with a diagonal of 2.6 inches and a viewing angle of 180 degrees perfectly depicts useful parameters both on a bright sunny day and at night when the backlight is on. Big numbers are for speed, a little smaller numbers - for kilometers travelled and power mode, and small numbers – for the total kilometers logged and the estimated store of energy in percent and kilometers. For the purpose of comfortable perception the display features a scale showing the engine load and a usual battery with 5 divisions. The display is installed not on the side as it usually happens, where it takes the place of flashlights, bells and rearview mirrors, but in the middle of the handlebar, over the stem. That is where it can be seen best of all. The suitable diameter of the handlebar ranges from 22 to 35 mm

    There is no need to be familiar with electrical engineering to connect this set. It is rather similar to connecting headphones to the player. No soldering, electrical or scotch tapes! Subtle, miniature waterproof connectors cannot be confused. Each connector has its color; arrows on the insulation indicate the position in which they are to be connected relative to each other. The connector near the motor is particularly convenient; it allows you to easily dismantle the wheel for tire fitting. The length of wires is calculated for laying on frames from the small seat tube to the large one without undercutting or resoldering.

    When used with motor wheels Evel of Mini series, speed is displayed even if you move without the aid of motor, by coasting.

    Miniature controller is housed in a durable waterproof radiator box. It ensures a soft start without jerking that is harmful to the gear motor as well as stable operation at high speeds. There is no need to think where to place and how to attach the controller – for this purpose a miniature universal casing with fastening to the handlebars (at the front-mounted motor) or the seat tube (at the rear-mounted motor) is included in the set. Much attention during the development of the control program was paid to energy saving. Power consumption by the controller upon supply disconnection from the panel equals to zero.


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