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Battery Panasonic 48P11 Handy for the electric bike Li-Ion 48V 11,6Ah

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Reliable battery for e-bike 522Wh in a miniature easily removable case weighing only 3.5 kg!

operating capacity 11,6
rated operational voltage 48V
internal resistance 100 mohm
threshold voltage for charge cut-out 54,6V
discharge cutoff voltage 32V
working value of discharge current 20А
maximum value of impulse discharge current 40А
maximum constant value of discharge current 28А
maximum continuous charging rate
standard charging rate
average time of complete charging 350 min
type of charging CC / CV
charging temperature range 10 – 30 С
operating temperature range -15 - 40 С
dimensions 340*130*85 mm
weight 3,5 kg
case material ABS plastic
power consumption per charge 0,6 kW

Product description

Product Description

Product Description

48V in a miniature, easily removable case weighing only 3.5 kg!

The evolution of batteries for electric bikes continues. The range of “Water Bottle” series batteries (to be installed on the 

bike bottle cage mounting) is replenished with even more capacious and compact Panasonic batteries in a convenient

Handy case. 

It is just as easy to install and gets removed in one motion when turning the key. 

It consists of 52 cylindrical elements Panasonic NCR18650P-H03VA (3.6V, 2.9Ah) in a plastic waterproof case made of

ABS-plastic. The BMS board inside the battery provides protection against short circuit, over-current, overcharge and

over-discharge of each of the batteries.

The battery case has an LED battery charge indicator. 

Why Panasonic?

Nowadays lithium-ion batteries are the most energy efficient. That is, for example, an LFP battery with the same energy 

store will weigh almost twice more. Until recently, lithium-ion batteries have been considered the first and far from perfect

technology of lithium batteries. However, the Japanese company Sanyo managed to create light batteries that can 

operate in freezing temperatures better than LFP batteries and do not inflame if damaged. In addition, benchmark tests

show that the actual battery service life of Panasonic NCR18650P - H03VA is not less than 87% of residual capacity

after 600 full charge and discharge cycles under load 1C. Just a while ago, only LFP batteries reached such a value. It 

is worth noting that the battery life of 1500-2000 cycles is often indicated for LFP batteries, which is not an actual battery 

life. These figures can only be obtained with a load of 0.25C at a constant temperature 20-25°C. Not every LFP battery

manages to reach the level of 800 cycles in actual operation.

Today, Panasonic lithium-ion batteries are the best choice for electric bikes, since they have:

1. The highest energy storage capacity per unit weight and volume.

2. Minimum probability of self-ignition.

3. The lowest sensitivity to low temperatures.

4. Average price.

Please note that the operating voltage range of a lithium-ion battery is 2.5-4.2V. This means that a 48V battery will 

provide the full declared capacity only with the discharge of up to 32.5V. Most controllers for 48V electric bikes are 

protected against overcharge with cut-off at 40V. This means that they will not use 5-8% of full battery capacity. 

However, this operation (shallow discharge) significantly increases the overall battery service life. 

The battery is designed to be used with a motor-wheel 48V 500-1000W.

The set includes a charger CC/CV 54.6V2A.


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