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Battery 36N11 Compact for the electric bike LiNiCoMnO2 36V 11Ah

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36V 11Ah battery for the electric bike in an easily removable Compact case.

operating capacity 10ah
rated operational voltage 36V
internal resistance 100 mohm
threshold voltage for charge cut-out 42V
discharge cutoff voltage 32V
working value of discharge current
maximum value of impulse discharge current 40А
maximum constant value of discharge current 20А
maximum continuous charging rate
standard charging rate
average time of complete charging 350min
type of charging CC / CV
charging temperature range 10 – 30 С
operating temperature range -15 – 50 С
dimensions length — 360mm at the bottom, 245mm at the top, height 105mm, width 80mm at the bottom
weight 3.2kg
case material ABS plastic
power consumption per charge 0.4kW

Product description

Product Description

36V 11Ah battery for the electric bike in an easily removable Compact case.

This is a new generation of “Bottle” type batteries for installation on bottle cage mounting of the bike. 

It is still easy to install and remove in one motion with turning the key.

It consists of 50 cylindrical elements 18650 (3,7V 2Ah) in a plastic moisture proof case. The BMS board inside the battery protects 

each of the batteries against short circuit, over-current, overcharge and overdischarge. 

The battery case features a connector for charging the devices powered by the USB, a power button with blue LED backlight, a battery 

charge indicator and a fuse.

What is new?

- 5v1A USB connector for charging smartphones, mp3 players, navigators, etc.; 

- there is no need to disconnect the connector separately in order to remove the battery, the quick release mechanism now also 

includes gold-plated spring-loaded connectors; 

- the level of moisture protection has been increased; 

- ultra light case made of ABS plastic; 

- fastening mechanism has been improved, probability of bounce has been minimized; 

- dimensions of the charger have been reduced; 

- the shape has been adapted to the frame triangle; 

- the new design corresponds to hydroformed tubes of modern bikes.

Please note that the battery is rather wide at the bottom. The trend of modern bike frames is wide (50-70mm) hydroformed thin-walled 

tubes of angular section. 

Bikes manufactured 5 or more years ago were assembled of finer round tubes - 25-30mm. Compact battery model has a flat wide 

platform for installation, so it looks more harmoniously on modern bikes. You can view the exact dimensions by clicking the tab 

Specifications (above).

The battery is designed for use with a 36V 250-350W motor-wheel.


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