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9 Speed Shifter on the left hand side

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9 Speed Rear Derailleur Twist Grip Shifter on the left hand side.

Product description

Product Description

9 Speed Twist Grip Shifter on the left hand side for gear shifting of the rear derailleur has been designed specifically for electric 

bikes. This item will be primarily needed by the users of Infineon controllers, in which the twist grip throttle with buttons moves the 

standard gear switch far to the handlebar center, thereby causing the inconvenience of gear shifting. It will also be convenient to the 

fans of "half-twist” and "moto" throttles. Standard bike shifters for the rear derailleur are on the right hand side. When using a motor-
wheel bicycle, as a rule, there is no need for the front derailleur, therefore it is convenient to place the rear derailleur on the left and the 

throttle on the right hand side.


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