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About us

Brand EVELBIKE was founded in 2011. For 6 years, we have been gaining experience in the selection, quality control,

construction and design modification, planning production of components for electric bikes. Evelbike products are

manufactured at the best factories of China using the best parts.

Most of the components and equipment used for the production were developed in Japan. Every Chinese factory

produces either one part for the electric bike or is an assembly workshop or just a trading company. Real manufacturers

usually do not offer goods for export. Components for Evel electric bikes are carefully selected, tested and modified.

The objectives of the selection

and modification of components are:

1 . The best combination of weight, power and reliability.

2 . Precision of parts manufacturing. 

3. Compliance with ISO standards and maximum flexibility for simpler installation. 

4 . Elaborate minimalistic design. 

5. Complete set for the installation.

6. Quality packaging, convenient for transportation and sale. 

7. Ease of maintenance. 

8 . Average price range. 

9 . Communication in English and Russian. 

Evelbike electric kits are intended for those who want to convert their bike to an electric bike really easily, without 

examining electrical engineering, with the best possible result and the least time consumption. Another important 

advantage of our electric kits is their complete readiness for the sale of the product, its placing on the store shelf

without additional pre-sale preparation. We are located in the heart of the Chinese bike production, Changzhou City. We 

invite dealers across the globe to cooperation.